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@GrahamH wrote:

Any chance you could zoom in on the Chamber Street house there gunter.

I’m not a machine, you know.

No, I have zoomed in, but it’s just a brown blur. It’s the house with the white gable party wall in the distance at the far end of the derelict site.

The 1935/6 O.S. map shows the street pretty much intact with only the corner house on Ormond Street (of the terrace of 14 houses in the postcard) not shaded, indicating that it had been demolished.

I’ve outlined your house in red and shaded the Corporation terrace, that in-filled the derelict site, in orange.

Since I had the map out, I put a blue line around that probable ‘twin Billy’ on Cork Street, the one with the ‘Whelan’ part of ‘Paddy Whelan’ sign. Every time I go down Cork Street, I half expect to see this one gone.

The ‘Paddy’ house was probably also a gabled house ,but looks to be totally derelict. It must have had very low floor to ceiling heights and it may be the remains of a very early house, possibly of the semi-vernacular, triangular gabled, Marrowbone Lane type, of which there are few, if any, remnants left.

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