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@Zap wrote:

Thanks a lot Seerski.

I was suspicious of the Leeson St. one – its looked like too good of an example but does look well regardless.

I can’t find any photographs of the last surviving ‘Dutch Billy’ on Leeson St., but I found a drawing that shows it and a few of it’s neighbours, including the outline of a cruciform roofed house, shortly before demolition in 1981.

Also, I want to post up the front page of a pamphlet that protested about the demolition at the time and included a photograph of the panelled interior. I’m not sure if the scanned text is of readably quality (doesn’t look like it to me), but if people are interested in it, I could try it again bigger and scan up the other 4 pages, which cover more on the house and other planning issues, including why Dublin should have a light rail system!

It’s not that a lot of people weren’t making sense back then, it’s just that nobody in control was listening.

Also an old drawing of a ‘Dutch Billy’ and a triangular gabled neighbour behind the fountain in James’s St.

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