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@Devin wrote:

Yes I know “Dutch Billy” is is a generic term, just not a very accurate one.

I recall searching for the Brown Street house on old maps and finding it didn’t appear any earlier than the middle 19th century.

Trying to get architectural movements to fit the actual life span of individual English monarchs was never going to be easy ;).

The Brown Street house is an oddity. It had a classic 1760s -80s pillared & pedimented door case (in newgrange’s pic) but, as you say the 1797 map just shows gardens here, when the houses on the other side of the street are clearly shown.

Personally I’d be inclined to doubt the accuracy of the map in this case. Between Rocque and the first Ordnance Survey in 1838, the maps are not great on detail and the focus was all on the Georgian expansion and the big infra-structural projects, like the Quays, the canals and the Circular Roads, individual houses in secondary locations may just not have registered with them.

Must go back down to Brown St. and see if there’s any remains of the ‘Pimlico’ house, I don’t think that site has been redeveloped.

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