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@ake wrote:

Can anyone tell me anything about these?; they are in Castle Lane in Limerick, right beside the Castle funnily enough.

Castle Lane

Some critics saw it so . . . . .

Castle Lane received what is probably the single most dubious “heritage” development in the entire country, the £3.8 million EU and Shannon Development Castle Lane beside King Johns Castle.

This includes the “reconstruction” of a 19th. century warehouse of the very type still being demolished in the Milk Market area. It is a Disneyesque piece of historical conceit basically designed as a large tour bus stop pub, while the real heritage of the city suffers progressively accelerating mutilation.

Others i.e. the traditionalists detested the modern castle “Visitors Centre” next door and called it “the thing”. They appear to have no problems with the castle lane theme extension.

Irrespective what Shannon Development / City Council did here (modern or olde worlde) it would have been wrong anyway. Sad reality was the area was in dire need of regeneration with very little of Medieval Limerick left let alone to compliment the castle itself. So they cheated a bit here to re-invent itself!

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