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I didn’t realize they were PSs, that’s a step in the right direction.

Shaw’s Directory is a fund of information. Quite a lot of the Billys on Henry Street made it into the 1850s almost unaltered and even more survived with just a simple flat parapet masking.

This is the south side of Henry street where the main block of Arnott’s is now (on top and the opposing streetscape upside down below)

The west end of Henry Street with no. 1 (upside down) being the corner with Liffey Street. Arnott’s starts at no. 7. The caption on the street beside no. 62 say ‘Denmark Street’, but it can only be the upper end of Liffey Street where the Ilac Centre / corner of Roche’s is now.

It reinforces the view that pretty much everything shown on Rocque’s Map, with the exception of the Gardiner developments on Henrietta Street, Sackville Mall, Cavendish Street and bits of Malborough Street, consisted of terraces of Dutch Billys with some vernacular structures on the outskirts and a few terraces of triangular gabled houses in the older parts of the centre and in the weaving areas of the Liberties.

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