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@ake wrote:

Can anyone tell me anything about these?; they are in Castle Lane in Limerick, right beside the Castle funnily enough.


I’m ignorant about dutch billys so these could be recreations for all I know but the brick looks very fine for that.

After Dublin, I gather Limerick was ‘Billy’ central. I’m not aware of any studies or publications on Dutch Billys in Limerick, just the odd glimpse in old photographs, same as Dublin.

I think the pair you’ve shown beside the castle were just built about ten years ago as some kind of olde worlde backdrop to a pub, I don’t think they’re supposed to be reconstructions of actual houses on that site, just worthy enough echos of a lost building type. Somebody down there will know, but they probably keep that kind of information to themselves.

Back in Dublin, here’s a great old grainy photograph of a solitary ‘Billy’ in Pimlico, (kindly supplied by the man). It’s just a modest three storey house, but what beautiful proportions and what a urban presence for such a small house.

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