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@lostexpectation wrote:

who was that speaking in the vid, I hate her already the idea that skyscrapers are somehow green and sustainable???

Joan O’Connor- presumably the same woman who used to be President of the RIAI, though I’m open to correction on that.

For those that didn’t watch / can’t see the video, this is what she said:
@Joan O’Connor wrote:

Well it’s a commercial reality that you have to have a certain amount of development on the land to validate the price paid for it and to make it work. But, it’s the way of the future. Sustainability is all about higher density and extremely good quality architecture.

So there you have it- the price paid for the land determines the intensity of the development. And there was naive little me thinking that local, regional and national policies were somehow relevant. Still, she used the phrase “the way of the future” so it must be true. Now all we need is the “extremely good quality architecture.”

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