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I went up there at lunchtime and had a mooch around. the exhibition is sparse and the 3ds a little amateurish but the little tv documentaries that accompany it are worth looking at.

On the whole I was impressed and convinced by the scheme (Duncan Stewart is in favour of it in that increasing urban density will decrease suburban sprawl and reduce car use etc)

Whether their claim to be carbon neutral in 10 years is acheivable or not is debatable but the intention is good.

There are 180 apartments in the tower so the majority are in the lower buildings. The tower itself is a twin wall so no balconies which is something that DCC might look at under their new guidelines. I’m sure there’s a wind report in the EIS that gives good reason. The inner wall of the twin wall can be opened up and there are some louvres on the outer facade but no wintergardens as such.

The office component contravenes the zoning but at 15% of the overall development I think they’re looking at it as a sacrificial lamb.

They have thoroughly embraced the need for larger apartments and family living, with the average apartment size at 125sqm and 3bedroom apts at 44% of the mix. 1 beds take up only 10%.

There was a bunch of aul ones talking to the press but I had to leave when it became like an episode of Kilroy

Fair play to Mr. Dunne. Ballsy move. It’s a very well thought out venture that puts the ball firmly in DCC’s court.

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