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@d_d_dallas wrote:

I completely agree that DCC have dropped the ball big time w.r.t. developing a coherent plan for high rise development, but in the absence of such a plan, it’s not like Dublin has become over run with inappropriate high rise. There’ve been unsuitable proposals (Thomas St, Donnybrook etc) but these were rejected.

And can we all stop using the argument for the “docklands” as a panacea for high rise. Where exactly in the South Docks can high rise be accommodated at this stage? Simmilarly the North Docks as the approved plans stand aren’t exactly awash with high rise.

Maybe we should just accept that high rise (for arguments sake 50m +) is just not suitable for Dublin. At. All.

Granted, not yet.

I see it as inevitable that we will end up with a number of tall buildings, which imo should be located more or less within the one area rather than a random scattering of one-off mini montparnasse like efforts.

The re-location of Dublin Port (which will happen) & the decommissioning of Poolbeg will make available vast tracts for development. DCC should take a strategic long term view & designate this new quarter for a level of high rise development & state that this is their postiion, or that they even have a position.

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