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It could be very reasonably argued that this building should be retained in its current format, with mall entrance below, and open out into the new development to the rear. The new street entrance could be made much more inviting than the current mall one is, with the narrow building acting as a ‘bridge’ of sorts across the entrance.

This is after all only going to be a narrow pedestrian street (and a decidedly dark one too going on the height of the proposed building) – it doesn’t need a landmark entrance forcing its way onto Francis Street.

While the Development Plan notes that any new buildings here ought to be contemporary, it also states “development should to be of a scale and form that respects the nature and form of the town centre, particularly the Francis Street frontage.” The proposed tall building couldn’t possibly be described as such, and even the smaller one oversails the parapet height of the neighbouring building.

Why aren’t these views being expressed in a planning submission it could be asked? Well, why other than in typical developer form, it was lodged 3 days before Christmas Eve – I didn’t even hear about it until it was too late to get a half decent one together in time.

And it is of great concern that it will get through, given this monster was thrown up on Earl Street directly around the corner in the past while – replacing another vernacular early 1800s building that was burnt out in a disastrous accidental fire.

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