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Yup- that’s the shop I saw. A lovely corner of the town indeed. Thanks for the pics.

Still not sure what the family connection is to the shop. I was just talking to my mother and asked her if her brother had a shoe shop in Dundalk. He’s the last of the family in the shoe business and has a couple in Dublin that I know of, but she wasn’t sure about any further afield. The name would suggest a connection (it’s mammy’s maiden name- of good Monaghan stock!), but she thought either that it might once have been in the family from my grandfather’s time when they had shops in quite a few towns around the country (though the lettering looks far too recent), or that it could be a cousin who runs it, though we’ve no Dundalk relations that I can think of. I should just go in and try to get a discount- I’d find out pretty fast if there’s any connection. 🙂

I’m intrigued by those glass screens. I’d like to think they’re somewhere safe, but chances are they’re tarting up a pub somewhere. You seem reluctant to divulge…

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