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The corner is a bit busy to the far left as seen in Paul’s pic below – in another view I have of it it looks rather cluttered.
But overall I like it a lot, and it will have quite an impact on Market Square, no doubt about it – an area that is defined in the most part by 18th and 19th century buildings, and a not-so-old familar face in the glass reflection of the new building there šŸ™‚

The height is much more appropriate to the area than the appalling two-storey development that went up facing it a few years ago (also in reflection). Particularly like the corner grills, though the expansive lower glazing seems a bit much and may offer an either faceless corporate front to the square like the rendering, or look tatty with everything going on inside visible from the exterior.

A decent building overall though – and here’s hoping it will spur on the demolition of the terrible 70s rubbish to the rear just visible in the picture.

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