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I think the political reaction to the previous baths plan related to (a) the size/height of the proposed complex and (b) selling public assets, the baths (which were for the enjoyment of the masses, even though long closed) for the enjoyment of the wealthy few and (c) a minority who claimed to be regular and frequent users of the baths (in which case they‘d probably still be open).

I don’t think that any of the protest groups (and there were several agendas) would be too worried about the architectural heritage of that area of the East Pier which seems to concern your goodself. The fact is that this area is the scene of cider and drugs parties at night – the original Victorian shelters have been fenced off for years with wire in an effort to reduce the numbers involved in these nocturnal activities.

The Plage would be a very welcome (free) public amenity, particularly for people with young families. It would link the existing amenities of the East Pier (with its long closed public toilets) and the small but pretty Peoples Park – popular with families with small toddlers. The nearby small beach in Sandycove is very popular with such families, but it disappears entirely at high tide.
Final construction may not be entirely in crayon. The Plage might not win approval of the architectural aesthete, but it should appeal to the common man.

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