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Conscept B is not possible in my view, due to the probable build-up of detritus from prevailing winds. The smell of rotting seaweed would be horrific and no scouring by tidal action. (Kerrybog knows these waters from the days when he was a young supple dinghy sailor!) No. 14 in B is the existing car park.

Supporters of Concept B should also examine Blue-flagged Seapoint beach, which is a very similar though naturally occuring amenity, and ask why this is so relatively under-utilised by bathers & families with small children.
Seapoint even has its own DART station (Salthill) where you can simply throw your bucket and spade over the station wall and you’re on the beach.
And Seapoint enjoys a more sheltered position than Newtownsmith, protected as it is by Dun Laoghaire harbour.

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