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FT: I don’t suppose anyone would be attracted to swimming in the baths as they currently exist. And obviously not enough people were attracted when they were open. The protests last year had a touch of “Bewleys Syndrome” about them – if everyone who claimed to have been a regular and frequent user of the baths was telling the truth, the place would have been overrun with customers every day.

Presumably any plan for new baths will have to be a much more attractive facility – people will now want something of the quality of such facilities they’ve experienced on holiday abroad. Unfortunately, the ingredient that can’t be supplied is the sunshine, which is an essential ingredient for the young “leisure“, rather than dedicated, swimmer. These young “leisure” swimmers would constitute the majority of the potential customers of a new baths.

I have no problem with a new baths being built, provided it can generate sufficient public usage. The last thing we need is a political cop-out, bowing to the pressure of last year’s protesters and building a facility which will be significantly underused. In those circumstances, we’ll be having another debate, a decade later, about what to do with the “new” baths as they show the results of under-investment in maintenance because of low public usage and the toll exacted by the sea and the salt.

The purpose of my beach proposal was to provide an amenity, either on its own or coupled with a new baths facility, which would broaden considerably the scope and appeal of what’s available in the immediate area, thereby attracting a much wider audience, with particular appeal, I hope, to children – from toddlers (and their minders) to teenagers.

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