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@ctesiphon wrote:

Wasn’t it Rainbow Rapids?

Thanks ctesiphon, that’s it! The developer’s name was Seamus Greally.

Mollox – I was never a fan of the Cluny girls, too close to home, the sisters went there! This is not the site for the different merits of HCK, Loreto or Glengara!:)
The baths site is not in the corner, so the cross-seas would not be as bad. On the seaward side of the baths they could install some armouring with large boulders leading to an angled barrier-wall with integrated wave deflector. My guess is that would be sufficient (but I am not an expert.) There is a wave deflector on Jim Sheridans house (de Blacam & Meagher) on Dalkey Sound, seems to have worked, although he is now selling, supposedly for 7-8 million.
On a day like today it is hard to think that the sea can be so powerfully violent.

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