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According to the latest edition of the Lifetimes freesheet, DLRCoCo “have chosen an international engineering firm to carry out a feasibility study for the re-development of the town’s sea baths”. I can’t see any reference to this on The article gave no indication of a timeframe for a report/ recommendation.

The attached photo illustrates one of the problems with the existing baths, quite apart from its complete exposure to the elements on the seaward side. The buildings throw their shadow across the pool area – a problem that’s exacerbated in the off-peak months when the sun is lower in the sky. While this shade might be desirable on a limited number of our hottest summer days, those are vastly outnumbered by days when you’d want to be on the sunshine side of the pool.

When the complex was built in Victorian times, this may well have been regarded a s a bonus, as a sun tan was evidence of employment in some form our outdoor labouring employment

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