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@KerryBog2 wrote:

Re votre plage – DL baths should be refurbished and modernised, with no major development. Call it pastiche if you like, but that is what should be done. They were on their last legs in the 1960’s, every north easterly added to an unrepaired trail of destruction….. My objection to your proposal is not the idea of developing a beach, it is the choice of a highly unsuitable location (from an oceanographic perspective) that would lead to costly on-going maintenance.

KB”: It seems to me that your refurtbished and modernised baths will also need additional protection (from an oceanographic perspective). Anything that would provide shelter for the baths could surely provide added protection for my beach?

If you were bunking into the baths in the 60s, you probably knew all the Cluny & Dominican convent girls who used hang out there (before my time but my brother told me about it).

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