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Sorry to hear about the innards, but I would not blame the ice. Like Ireland, Paris has a dual water system, potable and non-potable, the latter pipe system used for street cleaning, hydrants, park sprinklers, etc. However, Ireland’s dual system is best described as toxic and not-so-toxic, depending on where you live. In DLR spice is added by cross-percolation, due to broken/rusted cast iron supply/soil pipes.

Re votre plage – DL baths should be refurbished and modernised, with no major development. Call it pastiche if you like, but that is what should be done. They were on their last legs in the 1960’s, every north easterly added to an unrepaired trail of destruction, the cubicle doors (I clearly remember the blue colour) were rotting off their rusted hinges, the storms cracked the pool walls and parts were plain dangerous. It was easy to bunk in over the wall and spend the 6d on a cone in Teddys. Zero maintenance allowed this (thankfully to me at that time.)
The Baths revival as the Waterworld (or whatever it was called) in the early ‘80’s showed that there remained a big demand; at that time it was a developer who had the lease (can’t recall his name, but he built that really horrid shopping centre in Tallaght village….)
My objection to your proposal is not the idea of developing a beach, it is the choice of a highly unsuitable location (from an oceanographic perspective) that would lead to costly on-going maintenance. Tout court.

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