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KB2, Let’s not involve Mairin de Burca or vast expanses of flesh in this debate. I’ve a weak stomach – my long weekend in Paris was more plague than plage. I was hors de combat for a couple of days with a dose of the Galway Gallops, accompanied by the occasional burst of Liquid Laughter. Dirty ice in my Ricard, perhaps. Could we lend Minister Richard Roche to Paris?

Birmingham Plage sounds like something I saw in Beauvais town centre a couple of years ago where the only water involved consisted of a couple of showers provided to cool people off. It was good for a passing laugh but seemed to provide little real amenity value – very few visible users.

My particular beach proposal, specifically the location, arose from last’s years cock-up/impasse regarding redevelopment of the long-derelict baths complex. The theory is that developing a seaside amenity, with much wider family appeal, connected to modified baths/catering facilities, would greatly increase the chances of the overall amenity being successful i.e. popular and well used by the community. The local DART service and multiple bus routes into Dun Laoghaire would make it accessible to a wide catchment area. Traffic management/parking is already an issue in DL, but the invisible gardai will be no more effective in Sandycove than they currently aren’t in DL.

Sandycove also has many appealing possibilities, as you’ve outlined. What then would you do with the baths?

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