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This is pie-in-the-sky stuff. Why waste money on that when there are far more efficient ways of improving the Borough? The DART has increased access to the sea for many. Shankill, Killiney, Seapoint, Blackrock, Booterstown, etc. stations deposit hundreds onto the beaches every fine day. What is wrong with swimming/playing there?
If the Plage is not demolished by a storm it will be filled with seaweed, and left that way. DLRCC – notably the Parks Dept., has a dreadful record of maintaining almost everything to do with public spaces. Look for example at
The state of Dun Laoghaire, Sandycove and Blackrock Baths and Vico bathing place
The state of the access to White Rock beach– that once was a picnic area, now a briar jungle.
The state of the railings around Killiney/Dalkey hills
The state of the boundary and internal walls in those areas (dating to famine relief in 19th and 18th centuries)
The state of the paths/walks on both of the above hills
The state of Dillons and Sorrento parks
The state of Moran Reservoir
The state of the rotten old cast iron water pipe system, leaks in which sent a chunk of Killiney Hill onto the railway line a few years ago
Coastal erosion between Dalkey- Shankill

DLRCC should spend money where it is needed, not on poxy vanity projects.

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