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Strange drawing, stranger idea. The road plan does not reflect the actual situation, which has become a busy and complicated intersection since DL was pedestrianised. There used to be a pool of sorts in that corner, now fallen into neglect. Although there are some drains (I think it is wastewater run-off rather than sewage??) the main smell is from rotting seaweed. That corner is a trap for all water-borne crud when there is any wind from the east (predominant in summer) Whatever breakwater is placed there it will have to be very substantial with an external armouring of boulders, as anything lighter would not last one storm. Also, storm waves would easily sweep over the wall and then wash away the sand as positioned. The “beach” as positioned will be in the shade for most of the day.
I agree with RoryW that the height/privatisation was the main cause of objection to the baths plan – as was the same issue for the Carlisle eyesore. There is another possible cause of objection for La Plage – last year a new bus route opened from Tallaght to Dun Laoghaire; the bus disgorged ehhhh …. adolescents… at a bus stop directly outside the O’Briens’ offo where they loaded up with cans and then made their way to the seafront for a session. Daily. BTW the Moran Park “duck pond” is an old reservoir, and was used by the Royal Navy for watering. Its present condition is a disgrace.

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