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From the sounds of you post this site is an irretrievable urban wasteland that none of the designs could possibly have affected in any positive way. A competition is an aspirational thing. if we had this kind of negative attitude to place making it’d be the death of public space in our cities.

I wasnt judging the scheme from the drawings which are competition images and obviously purely conceptual.

The model however gives an accurate impression of the space the building will create. Yes while I dont know the site this is absolutely not a reason to not voice my opinion on a design. I wouldnt dream of designing something without intimate knowledge of a site but I like the massing of the building in its immediate context and I like the dynamic stepped space created beside the library. The building is located on the North to create a south facing space capturing sunlight. The building profile is kept low at one ned to respond to the context of smaller houses at the top of the site.

Again like I said before the rendering from the pier/sea view is useless as it strikes me as very inaccurate. Also try to imagine this as a realised project. It has the potential to be very well made and a civic addition to the town.

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