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Must say I’m suprised at the reactions to this as well. I think of all the entries the CCN one was the best. The others seemed faddish and lacked any real civic character. The CCN one seems to be quite buildable and I think could end up a very nice realised project.

Re the public space one cant approach the public realm with an attitude of negativity. If you design a space with principles of good urban design in mind it will be frequently used, well trafficked, overlooked and will become an integral part of a network of urban space in the vicinity rather than a piece of a private site. I’m not familiar with the site but this space appears to be a route towards the coast and hopefully will be activated and monitored enough to avoid becoming a negative space in the town.

I agree that the view from the sea isn’t great but I think this may be down to poor renders as well.

Overall I think it looks interesting.

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