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Good article Ciaran,

There’s always a case of we need the apartments to subsidise the project which seems ridiculous as Dun laoighaire/Rathdown should be one of the wealthiest counties in Ireland. Not sure what the finances of DL are like though but as u seem to indicate they are healthy enough,

The site is a sensitive one and 8 stories there seems overblown. I’m sure DL is full of nimbys but they might have a point on this one. I’d like to see scotsmans bay linked up to the pier. I hear recently that the s2s (suttontosandycove seems to have been shelved. Pity that, sounded like a fab amenity. Hope it’s not the end of it.

You’re right about the apartments that are being built in DL. When are we going to see schemes where 3 bed apartments are standard, Where you could conceivably have families living (I know bit of a cultural shift necessary but some people might prefer it to commuting from beyond the m50)

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