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It includes graphic visions of how the Quays could look if afforested and how the Phoenix Park could comprehend outdoor swimming facilities and even a beach, along the lines of the Paris Beach project.

Dublinspirations suggests the need for a strategy to regulate and minimise the profusion of visual clutter that has degraded many streets and spaces.

It apears the Parisians have taken the beach idea a little further

French farmers turn Champs Elysees green
Sunday, 23 May 2010 21:39
The Champs Elysees was turned into a huge farm today with plots of plants, trees and flowers laid out on Paris’ most famous avenue to focus attention on France’s crisis-hit agriculture sector.

Dubbed Nature Capital, the event is expected to draw two million people over the next two days and is organised by the Young Farmers association and the French forest industry.

Over a stretch of 1.2km from the Arc de Triomphe down halfway to the Place de la Concorde, the street is dotted with more than 100 varieties of grain, fruit and vegetables.

AdvertisementThere are also cows, pigs, goats and lambs but in small numbers with a view to showcasing some of the famous breeds such as the enormously fat black-bottomed Limousin pigs, prized for their meat quality.

‘We are not there to complain about our situation, but rather to show off our work,’ said William Villeneuve, head of the young farmers’ association.

He hopes strollers on the Champs Elysees will think about ‘what is on their plates and become more active consumers’.

French farmers are already a diminishing breed but one of the worst crises in decades has further unsettled the sector, fuelled by falling prices and rocketing production costs.

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government has offered an aid plan for French farmers with some €1.8bn in loans and €650m in other support payments.

Last month, hundreds of farmers rode into Paris on their tractors, bringing their worries about the future of farming to the capital of Europe’s agricultural powerhouse.

Mr Sarkozy has in past months made several trips to rural France, visiting farms and trying to ease the anger of producers who say they are no longer making ends meet.
About 200 trucks rolled onto the Champs Elysees late last night to unload the trees, plants and topsoil and part of the avenue has been closed to traffic.

Nature Capital was designed by Gad Weil, an outdoor events planner who 20 years ago organised a similar happening that turned the Champs Elysees into a giant wheat field.

Any thoughts on if a similar ‘event hosting’ of out of the box projects would be an attractive proposition for Dublin?

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