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Though there are a great many mature trees already along the northern quays at least.
It’s an interesting idea to extend the inner pavement alright, but is there demand for it? On Eden Quay yes, but moving westwards fewer and fewer people use it – at the end of the day everyone wants to walk along the river where possible. Unless they’ve a destination on the inner quay, and let’s face it there’s very few of them, people will migrate towards the water.

From an architectural/aesthethic perspective it’d be more desirable to develop the river side with regular planting and paving – remembering that the Boardalk only comprises a section of one side of the Liffey. As pleasant an amenity the Boardwalk is, I wouldn’t want its localised presence to spoil the chances of developing the existing quays for the majority of the city. As such, if this means duplicating the role of the Boardwalk where it exists on the other side of its quay wall, then maybe this should be done.

To be honest I’m not sure – just a bit irritated at the Boardwalk pulling people out of the city when the quays could be developed in the longer term; it just stifles that notion really, pushing it way down the line. The Boardwalk is ssentially a temporary measure, chopping the foliage off the weed but leaving the root in the ground to be dealt with another day. A practical and on the whole probably good solution to the city’s current needs, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to leave the quays as giant car parks indefinitely. Burgh, Aston and Wellington Quays in particular have great riverside potential

On a vaguely related topic, does anyone know where this water is coming from pouring out from Bachelor’s Walk?

It can’t be a storm as it hasn’t rained in weeks, and there’s no underground streams round here – I think…

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