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On one level it is warped indeed, but I think it is important to note that these silver lampposts are much more than just heritage pieces of furniture: they are as much a part of Dublin as red telephone boxes are to London. And I presume that in some areas of that city brand new boxes have also been installed over the years in places where needed not because they’re olde worlde, but because they embody the city in a manner like nothing else.

Likewise in Dublin, in fairness to the City Council, the erection of these lampposts in appropriate places is generally executed in this spirit rather than in that of a yearning for the days of yore as is generally the case with pastiche concoctions.
Saying that, there is absolutely no defence for what has happened on College Street and D’Olier Street – they were/are the last remnants of a piece of street furniture once seen all over the city centre and ought to be/have been preserved in situ, and as a complete entity.

That’s a great pic you posted there Devin, I never noticed that very fine curved detail on the side elevation of the arches before – very Art Deco.
Note all the dirt accumulated on the floor of the lamps 🙂

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