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What view? 🙂
I’ve always been of two minds about those trees – from under the BoI looking over I think Moore looks great under the canopy now they’ve been trimmed back – with the sun dappling down through. But then this view of the portico from College St is completely wrecked by them…

Here’s a couple of other pics, first from the 1880s, showing the newly installed lampposts with incadescent fittings evident:

(As well a replacement one-storey building shown a little more clearly)

Also a pic from just a few weeks ago – look at that ghastly signage. College Green really is a shambles in terms of the amount of street furniture, and its quality, and that of the paviong and road surfaces which are appalling. It is strange how such an important place in the city is still in a 70s time-warp.

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