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Really? Is that why so many developers evade providing 20% social housing in, say, Ballsbridge (‘they just wouldn’t fit in’). As I understand it, much of Dublin’s Georgian housing stock declined when the rich moved out and the poor moved in, precisely because the building form was unsuitable. Here in Glasgow, tenements were purpose built for all classes up to about the First World War. By modern standards, many were deemed to be poor quality and were demolished (although many could have been saved), but those that remain are amongst the most sought-after housing in the city, significantly, mostly in middle-class areas. Tenements in working-class areas that were saved (through social housing associations) are still predominantly working class and, where sold, fetch much lower prices.
It is possible to rescue residential high-rises in ‘poor’ areas but only by dint of intensive concierge and housing-management services and by a rigorous policy of tenant selection (and then where do the rejected go?), but even here these schemes rarely attract higher-earning tenants. Many British high-rises were sold to councils as a cheap, high-density ‘solution’ to housing problems in the 60s and 70s; they were neither cheap nor dense and really were all about enriching manufacturers – they have presented a problem ever since.

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