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I think the new apartment block on Ormond quay , It is so ugly and rigid , with the usual red brick and post modern type block of shite.
the building has the most ridiculous match boxs balconies , Taht gives me the impression they were superglued on .
It makes me shiver and stare away from view!

Its ruining the area, Some might like it but , just look at it twice and see the other older red brick apartements that are fairly modern, You’ll notice the new apartements just don’t fit in? any support on my views????
the older buildings have a bit of base and orginality to the buildings,(although are a bit on the boring side too) and seem to blend in , while that heap of crap.
While that new red brick development is out of the butt, its totally unnacepteble , given the site and location!
to let the developers get away with building that building.
my overall impression in a shortned sence , is

A typical bliing bling site, trying to build a bling bling building and failed with high expactations! and reminds me of a cheap building.

Sorry for the use of hard language.

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