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It has a median now hutton! It’s getting the Dorset Street see, it’s not a corridor, it’s street! tree treatment.

@gunter wrote:

I don’t like the harshness of this design, the cheerlessness of the brick facades, the deep, eyeless socket, openings, the inhuman, aquarium tank, balconies, the low, garage door, proportions of the street level openings, the blocky massing, the institutional severity, but most of all I don’t like what I see as the abandonment of the principles that, by our buildings, we can make a street.

I disagree. I think this is a proud, upstanding civic building that makes a grand public declaration on a major, eh, ‘route’, while exuding a domestic softness at close quarters which makes it eminently livable. I think this would be a very nice place to live, and to live near.

Yes the entrances fronting the street are low, but I found these to be very comforting, bordering on cosy if that were externally possible, and an effective solution to the barrage of passing traffic. I used this route daily for two years – the buses especially are intolerable given the speeds they reach along this stretch, while in the mornings a bottleneck of cars sits outside your living room window. The intimate, shielded character of the entrances and small gardens takes account of this. Of course it shouldn’t have to, but if you were O’D&T handed this delightful context, what other solution is there aside from a buffer of landscaping?

I do understand the ‘inhuman’ description, but for me that derives soley from the window size, which I find of slight concern, both on-site and upon reflection. It appears mean.

A brand new planned Dutch street below. In a different league to Cork Street traffic-wise, but a small private buffer of one metre depth was a requirement between every frontage and the public pavement, just to generate a sense of ownership fronting the street.

And if Timberyard is anonymous, goodness knows what DeB&M blown up x50 can be described as!

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