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@what? wrote:

. . . . one of the best buildings built in dublin in the past ten years . . . .

The timberyard block does more for Cork street than any other development on it by a country mile.

I think you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves attacking this project.

I’m sorry what? but that’s just sycophantic nonsense!

For a start, I wasn’t attacking this project, I was questioning it’s aesthetics, it’s value as streetscape, and whether it’s design was driven by architectural zeal at the expense of creating somewhere that might be a pleasant to live in, and live near.

I don’t like the harshness of this design, the cheerlessness of the brick facades, the deep, eyeless socket, openings, the inhuman, aquarium tank, balconies, the low, garage door, proportions of the street level openings, the blocky massing, the institutional severity, but most of all I don’t like what I see as the abandonment of the principles that, by our buildings, we can make a street.

I also don’t buy that bullshit that this is a dual-carriageway, there is nothing they could do!

Lower Baggot Street is a dual-carriageway if you choose to see it as such.

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