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This is completely ridiculous to be discussing one of the best buildings built in dublin in the past ten years in this context.

The timberyard block does more for Cork street than any other development on it by a country mile. do we really need more vacant shops to join the rest of them, to add to the deathly vacant atmosphere created by the developer blocks? or do we need some people living directly on and animating the street like the rest of the liberties.

You go into the main courtyard space and tell me its not by a country mile the best semi-public space to relate to a dual-carraigeway youve ever been in. AND a new pedestrian route throught the area has been created, a rare and generous thing in Irish urbanism.

I think you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves attacking this project.

Shoulnt we be attacking mindless sh1t like the one below instead of a project that is taking a careful, thoughtful approach to the public realm on a very difficult site.

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