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thebig C

@gunter wrote:

‘The Timber Yard’ housing development on the Coombe Bypass.

We know O’D + T are above reproach and all that, got more awards than this has punch card windows, but, for the purposes of debate, is this a beautiful building, or an ugly building?

It got a chirpy enough review from Ali (the city architect) in a recent RIAI journal, but it strikes me as unnecessarily severe and slightly loaded with architectural intentions at the expense of streetscape or even space-making (allegedly there’s a ”public square” somewhere within!).

I think It’s a legacy of the Modern Movement that still today there’s almost an inverse relationship between pleasant design and respected architecture, a relationship that I suspect would give Adolf Loos cause for satisfaction. If we were to check out the record of architectural awards over the last while, is it not true that the more plain the architecture, the more decorated the architects?

This won’t please Devin . . . us talking about completed stuff again.

Haven’t been down that way in quite a while….since I started taking the Luas insted of the 56A:) But, I have to say that building is not bad at all. Alot better then what was there before, namely dereliction. I would take issue with what kind of quality of life the residents of the ground floor units will have though.

Interesting point about Loos, I do see the similarities…..even a little Louis Kahn esque. Didn’t Loos work more in concrete or at least render covered brick. Its the brick, I feel which takes the spare look away.

Do you have more pics of the area? Cork St is one of the few places where unimaginative speculator blocks actually improved the area.


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