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Oh? That’s interesting – apartments or a hotel then? Hmmmm, I wonder… :rolleyes:

Yes in the inner city, Dawson St would have to be up there as one of the very nicest. So lovely in every way, with its 70s stock also beginning to mature too. Were it not for the sinful demolition of the Royal Hibernian, it would be difficult to dispute the street’s status in the city 🙁

It’s the wonderfully eclectic mixture of houses and shops, old and new, flagship buildings, mature trees, and variety of retail outlets that make it what it is, not to mention being clamped between all the hubs of the south city. And the perfect environment for splashing out in the many gentlemen’s outfitters every few years 😉

South William Street would be up there too, along with Cork Hill, Westland Row, Molesworth Street (weirdly) , Foster Place, and even Henry Street in a roundabout way. But what a dismal state of affairs that so much of the north inner city is still the dump it was 20 years ago. I suppose its post-1916 grid-like pattern is never going to have the charm of the southside, but there’s still so much work to do in the public domain let alone properties.

In terms of the worst, the stretch of Aungier Street from York Street to the Cuffe junction is one of the most depressing spaces in the city. Agreed that the whole Richmond-Georges axis is in terrible order, but it’s got a fantastic buzz to it, and there’s some fascinating old stock in the mix. Shopfront design is slowing improving too, but there’s a very long way to go yet. Parnell Street still amongst the wrost – indeed seeing the permanency of the very average stuff being now being thrown up has only made it worse. Lower Marlborough Streets still terrible also, but it probably has to be poor aul Sackville Place that gets the title of Dublin’s Ugliest Street. By a long shot.

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