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@ctesiphon wrote:

That reminds me- I’m running low on middle class children. Best to stock up on them at this time of year as there’s a special on the sun-dried variety. Leave it any later and they’ll all start to develop Pajeronoma (‘SUV syndrome’ in layman’s terms), whereby the tasty, lean muscle built up over the summer turns to fat due to all activity being replaced by lifts from over-protective mummies. (Not yummy mummies- have you ever tasted one? Like eating an old shoe smeared with Bounty.)

By the sounds of things, high end retailers might agree with you if the meeja are to be believed- Gucci, Prada and their ostentatious ilk are rumoured to be considering turning Dawson Street into Dublin’s ‘Fifth Avenue’. And there was me thinking we already had a Fifth Avenue…:rolleyes:
(it’s in Rialto).

Interesting, too, to note how certain streets are making both the good and bad lists simultaneously.

There’s a1st 2nd 3rd Avenue etc down around Sheriffo too, always makes me chuckle. On a related note does anyone know Avenue Road up off the SCR in Portobello? it’s actually a back lane:D
(The consumption rates of ABC1’s offspring may vary at either location)

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