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@jimg wrote:

As far as I know the Heuston-Connolly (via Dame St.) was the only other route given serious high-level consideration. The problem with this route is that, even currently, Connolly or more particulary the line just north of Connolly is severely conjested as it serves a mixture of slow intercity trains, Darts and suburban. Building along this route would mean that every single train going through the city would have to negotiate this single pinch point. This is a receipe for disaster for a railway system in terms of punctuality and capacity.

I’m sure this is all true. But I think Frank Taylor’s comment above is very telling:

@Frank Taylor wrote:

The public consultation collects information to help the project designers

There might have been a solution which the designers were not aware of. I’m not in any way suggesting that there is, but given that the route was never presented to the public, who’s ever going to know now?:(

(As an aside: If the problem was indeed insoluble north of Connolly, it does not appear to explain why the rest of that particular route might not have remained largely intact – something like Heuston-Spencer Dock via Dame Street, or some such).

I don’t wish to bore the board. But it is my feeling that the public consultation phases are a good thing as they generate debate among the general public as well as among very interested parties. Once the problems and advantages with particular routes are known, they can be discussed, ideas can be aired and maybe solutions can be found.

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