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Lads, you’re all making good points. There is really no point in me suggesting alternative routes as I most certainly do not have the expertise.

However, the alternative route mentioned above (Connolly-Heuston, via Dame St/Temple Bar) was suggested many years ago in the DRRTS study of Dublin’s rail options. It is unlikely that it would have been suggested if it had not been feasible.

It is therefore not a proposal just produced by some guy on a message board.

That is an example of a feasible alternative route which could realistically have been presented to the public, in much the same way that the public were presented with various options for the metro. And, worth remembering that after consultation with the public, the preferred metro route was changed considerably. There may well be other feasible routes between the Northern line and the Kildare line. Who am I to say what they might be?

Whether or not the Connolly-Heuston idea is a good one, or Spencer Dock to Heuston via Temple Bar, or whatever, I think it is incredible that we are being led to believe that the only feasible way of connecting the Northern line and the Kildare line is via Spencer Dock, Pearse Station and St. Stephen’s Green.

At the very least, since it has been Irish Rail’s plan for a long time to link the two lines, they should reveal what routes were examined as they attempted to find a way to do this, and why they were dropped.

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