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There would be no need for traffic lights if cyclists were the only vehicles :lolno: brilliant. ahhh dear

Why don’t you even address the points or anybody else made? Why do you resort to such stupid remarks as “the lycra crowd”?

actually that was me – I was being flippant – it’s a thing I do.

I love the indignance of all this – the persecution complex, the “well everyone else is doing it why shouldn’t we” cavalier indifference to life

Oh by the way – classic one yesterday. Lights turn green. Car A at the lights starts off then slams on the brakes. Car B behind misses Car A by a slither. The reason?

2 cyclists riding the wrong way up a one way street…………..

………….On the footpath……………

……….breaking the pedestrian “do not cross” red man (they obviously couldn’t see the traffic red light as they were going the wrong way

BUT GET THIS – both cyclists were policemen.

you’re a joke lads

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