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FXR has published more than enough evidence to show that cyclists do not, in general, have any regard for their own lives

That’s a matter of opinion not of fact. It’s not an opinion I share. He’s put up various videos of cyclists behaving badly. If any of the rest of us had as little to do with our time we could post videos of other road users doing the same. What is an indisputable fact is that some cyclists behave dangerously, some don’t. The same can be said for taxis, busses, pedestrians, motorists, unicyclists, hovercraft operators and all the other people that move around our streets. His perverse obsession with deamonising and ranting about the evils of cyclists is childish and devoid of any useful purpose.

You seem to have comprehension problem with evidence. What I observe every day in the city which is that the majority of cyclist in Dublin go from A to B with no regard for laws, pedestrian areas, regulations, their own safety or the safety of others, is backed up by an ample body of evidence. What is a fact about cyclists behaviour is not contradicted or refuted by any amount of behaviour by anyone else. All you can come up with is vague opinions that you haven’t backed up with anything at all. Rather childishly you think you can just make unreferenced statements, immature jibes, snide small minded remarks and imagine they form some sort of argument on their own. They don’t.
@cheezypuf wrote:

Whether it’s a lust for cycling taxation, describing them as suicidal or whining about having to see locked bicycles in public it’s clear the issue is he hates cyclists and is not open to discussion. There’s not much to talk about as FXR has no meaningful solutions to the problems he highlights apart from sending all cyclists to Leitrim and floating it off the coast. It’s always a shame when someone becomes so blinded by their obsession they loose the ability to make a contribution.

You’d be better off to read a thread before crashing into the tail end making ill informed cheese puff statements like that. Since you’re accusing me of not proposing any solutions then I take it you’ll eat your words like a big boy if that’s shown to be incorrect? Railing like a scalded cat because the evidence is too hard to take won’t save any lives or solve any problems. It’s also more than a bit dumb to be making out there are no problems with the way cyclists behave and then start crowing about “meaningful solutions” before going off into imaginary scenarios that you’ve manufactured all on your own. If you’d looked at the videos and then checked the list of other videos you’d see there are a whole range of subjects covered all to do with Dublin. If anyone is blinded or obsessed here it’s you. Hopefully you’ll never progress from a bicycle to a HGV because if you do we’er all in trouble.

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