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@FXR wrote:

What pedestrians/taxi drivers/shoplifters or anyone else does is irrelevant. If a barrister tried that defence in court he’d be laughed out of it.

But it’s not irrelevant. We’re not in court and I’m not defending the law-breaking cyclists – as I said already they should be stopped by the Gardai and their bikes should be taken off them if they try to get back on them in the dark without lights.

You’re proposing wardens to fine cyclists. It would be a good idea to also look at fines for pedestrians and others at the same time. Far more pedestrians break the law every day – it’s best to put resources into fixing the largest problem first and — by your mesures — that’s pedestrians.

And you your self said in your post above that the problems are linked – You said: “Illegal taxi ranks, parking in bicycle lanes, etc etc are all just sympthoms of the same problem.”

@FXR wrote:

The fact is cyclists in Dublin continually disregard the traffic laws, use pedestrianised areas, footpaths and lock their bikes to anything and everything.

Some cyclists do, others don’t. If you want to state otherwise I’ll take it that you’re accusing me of breaking the law.

And – as you’ve already been told – there’s no law stopping cyclists from locking their bikes to sign poll, lamps, trees etc.

@FXR wrote:

The me, me, me attitude displayed by cyclists rather than facing reality and taking responsibility for their own actions just adds to the problem.

I can’t wait until law breaking cyclists take responsibility for their actions…. I’m also waiting for pedestrians and motorists to do the same.

@FXR wrote:

And as if there wasn’t enough evidence a friend of mine shot this last night. She was crossing O’Connell street and stalled for a few minutes. What is in the video took about 7 minutes in real time.

But it’s not 7mins in real time – it’s an edited video. And did you spot all the j-walking pedestrians???!!!

Anyway, you don’t need more “evidence” – everybody can agree that many cyclists break the law – just like many pedestrians and motorists do the same. There’s a need for better enforcement for all. You’re just obsesed with one for some unknown reason.

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