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What pedestrians/taxi drivers/shoplifters or anyone else does is irrelevant. If a barrister tried that defence in court he’d be laughed out of it. The fact is cyclists in Dublin continually disregard the traffic laws, use pedestrianised areas, footpaths and lock their bikes to anything and everything. The chances of a cyclist being fined or summonsed are practically nil. A citizen buying a Euro millions ticket on a Friday has more chance of winning than a cyclists has of being fined for breaking the law.

I have a list of videos that back this up: On top of that I’m in the centre of the city every day of the week from one side to the other. Anyone can see cyclists breaking every law there is, every day. If anyone wants to provide any evidence to the contrary then put it up. It’s nonsensical to pretend that cyclists are not breaking the law, invading pedestrian spaces and endangering themselves and others all day every day in Dublin city. Nobody’s running the show. Illegal taxi ranks, parking in bicycle lanes, etc etc are all just sympthoms of the same problem. The me, me, me attitude displayed by cyclists rather than facing reality and taking responsibility for their own actions just adds to the problem.

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