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@Frank Taylor wrote:

@gintyc wrote:

Frank, is there any line you won’t cross in your anger against cyclists?

you are confusing FXR with me. Unless FXR is also a Frank.

He is also a Frank. I’ll call him by his user name to stop any confusion…

@FXR wrote:

Cyclists are endangering other peoples lives as well as their own. Taxi’s are subject to far more regulation (though not enough) than cyclists.

If “not enough” is being done about taxi drivers misbehaving, why are you not suggesting they should have wardens to ticket them?

@FXR wrote:

Cyclists in Dublin overwhelmingly obey no laws, no rules or regulations and have no regard for anyone else.

No more than pedestrians. See this video:

Or motorists:

Study: More than 90% of drivers break speed limits –

More than half of motorists admit to speeding regularly –

53.8% of motorists surveyed admitted to using a handheld mobile phones –

40.7% of those surveyed said they text while driving (same as last link)

What new city-centre speed limit? 97% of motorists ignore traffic law –

@FXR wrote:

That’s what happens when the people supposedly running the city don’t do their job.


No mater how much you’d like to think otherwise, the city council are not responsible for road traffic law (besides parking), it’s up to the Gardai and only them.

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