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@gintyc wrote:

Frank, take a bit of responsibly for your own posts. You’re linking “cyclists taking the most stupid risks on Westmoreland street on any day of the week” to the death of one cyclist when you don’t know what or who was to blame.

The other poster seems to be mainly criticising the lack of detail reported, but yes, I suppose he’s wrong too. Also, as you said “a list of possibilities” — not just pointing to one which you were doing.

Unlike your nonsense about bicycle clutter, on cyclists not using lights and many of them foolishly thinking high-vis is as good — I 100% agree with you. Gardai should regularly clamp down on cyclists without lights and direct them to walk home and anybody caught not walking should have their bikes taken off them until they turn up at a station with lights. I also think it should be mandatory to have to sell lights with bicycles.

BTW I also generally agree with you about cyclists on footpaths — it’s very annoying and even more so when I have my baby with me. But you tend to go overboard.

But linking other cyclists’ actions to the death of one is wrong. A bit of respect and perspective and a bit less blind anger would go a long way.

The fact is all the videos taken together show that there is no regulation of cycling in Ireland neither do cyclists take any responsibility for themselves or have any regard for other road users or pedestrians.

I’ve looked at DCC rental bikes. On the handlebar surround of the bike there is a notice in small print that says “you must obey the rules of he road”. Anyone can get on a bike without the merest notion of the rules of the road or any idea of how traffic behaves. It’s not much use giving people notice that they should obey rules that they are not obliged to know in the first place. It would cost next to nothing to have a flyer or a notice at each station outlining what behaviour is undesirable and even listing fines:fine for cycling on a footpath €140.

The Gardai are not the solution. In fact any of the behaviour shown in the videos is common among bicycle Gardai as well. It’s also a mistake (which I made myself) to assume that Gardai on bicycles are there to police cyclists. They don’t seem to thing so. In the video Ghosts Riders a member of one of the cycling groups has pointed out that the Garda on the bike legally should have had the strobe light attached to the front of his bike and not to his jacket.

Cycling should be taken out of the hands of the Gardai when it comes to all surfaces off road. DCC should appoint cycle wardens with the power to issue on the spot fines and to educate cyclists. The crappy joke that pass for cycle lanes should be policed. In the video you’ll notice the Garda on the bike did not actually fine or move the illegally parked taxi in Westmoreland St. You’ll also notice earlier in the video the illegally parked taxi’s on Lwr O’Connell street. In two years I’ve yet to see even one of them get a fine or even be moved on. They’re there every night. As I’ve said before this all comes back down to the shower who are supposed to be running the city. In the meantime the situation would improve if cyclists took responsibility for themselves and cycling bodies and lobby groups spent some time focusing on how cyclists behave instead of just pouring more and more onto the roads and footpaths.

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