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@gintyc wrote:

Frank, is there any line you won’t cross in your anger against cyclists?

Just because he was a cyclists does that stop you from maintaining decency and even a little respect for the dead person and their family?

On that streets you can also see drivers driving recklessly around cyclists every day of the week, but speculation one way or another isn’t helpful to anybody. You could at least wait for the results of the inquest before trying to assign blame.

Well gee whiz you seem to have missed the post before mine which, among a list of possibilities, speculated on whether the cyclists might have been drunk. Was your high horse having a day off when you read that one? If you actually read what I wrote you’d be able to figure out I didn’t actually assign any blame to anyone involved.

You also missed the post which actually shows cyclists doing one of the most stupid things you can do on a bicycle filmed on Westmoreland St. You don’t have any comment on that one? Why not? Is reality a bit inconvenient when it comes to the reckless behaviour of cyclists as shown in the video?

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