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Personally I have only skipped lights when I have felt my safety is in danger if I pull out at the same time as the heavy traffic beside me. Fo example high trucks and buses if they don’t see me can pull into the left and crush me easily – this has nearly happened to me a few times. I’m sorry but the fact is most experienced cyclists know instinctively when their life is at risk in certain situations and you just can’t follow everything by the book in many situations. Especially in a poorly planned city like Dublin. I think you forget just how vulnerable a cyclist is to serious injury on a daily basis if they don’t keep their eyes open. And sometimes that involves pulling onto a pavement if you think you are going to be hit by a truck or bus.

Likewise there is nothing more dangerous for a cyclist that a left turning car that cuts across you as you are going forward. I have been hit by two cars so far this way when I stayed on a level with the traffic at the lights. Likewise it is far safer for a left turning cyclist to turn left through the lights if the traffic is clear, especially if you are turning into another empty cycle lane. Many junctions like one in Ranelagh are poorly planned with left and straight junctions at traffic light leaving cyclists vulnerable.

Many streets in Dublin necessitate thinking beyond the rules of the road for pure safety reasons. Cycling along the quays is one case in point. Coming from the Point the cycle lane disappears up and down onto and off the road in incredibly dangerous ways if you were to follow them. They actually encourage you to pull onto the road, into traffic. No one in their right mind would do this. All for the sake of a badly planned cycle lane that doesn’t run in a straight line, on one of the most dangerous roads in Dublin center.

In terms of parking there should could easily be more parking spaces allocated to bikes in laneways off the main road to avoid clutter. The parking frames are also very poorly designed in many areas of the city IMO. The should be angled – not straight and eating up half the pavement space – most are not. They should also be properly spaced – not crammed together – most are not. Try getting your bike out of the bike parking space at stephen’s green shopping center and you’ll see what I mean. Also many of the bikes parked in the spaces are dead bikes that have been there for months and are eating up valuable parking space. There ar a few of these on Dawson street. One that was being abused by the Celtic Whiskey Company for advertising, which they eventually took away, but left the broken bike they were using to secure the spot.
The Council themselves have been placing parking rings on many of the poles in the city recently. Maybe they just need more of these. Dublin is full of poles as we well know, but there are plenty of opportunity for well designed bike parking if it properly planned and designed. As it is there isn’t either. Again, you should be taking this to the DCC and their useless new ‘cycle officer’, not blaming cyclists.

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