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@gintyc wrote:

Where has the cycling lobby demanded this? Can you point to one article?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one gintyc. I’m sure if seen something to that effect but I’ve been through website after website and I’ve lost track.

@gintyc wrote:

To be fair, the Dublin Cycle Campaign don’t agree with the spending on cycle lanes. They have said to me that it would be better spent on training for all road users, including cyclists.

Do they object to money being spent on cycle lanes. I seem to remember the Dub Cyl Cam is represent on the Dublin City Council cycling forum.

@gintyc wrote:

Cyclists don’t contribute to the economy? What on earth are you basing that on? :problem:

There is no charge specific to cycling. Cyclists pay no road tax or licence fee. Cyclists don’t pay any fee for the provision of bike stands, there is no cycle lane tax (which for motorists is called road tax). A tax free bike scheme reduces the public income and increases public expenditure as show in the Dublin’s Bicycle clutter video. Whatever the arguments for the conditions it’s a fact that cyclists don’t contribute any funds specific to cycling to the economy.

@gintyc wrote:

Actually cycling does not require any such additional facilities. People are and have been cycling for years without such. But the government wants to provide these additional facilities. Because they think that having more cyclists is good for the country, good for people’s health, good for the economy, good for the taxpayer, and good for environment.

There’s the real root of the problem: politics in Ireland. Here is a facility provided specifically for cyclists;

Note that in their own photos trumpeting this new facility the place is half empty. Note the date on the top of website is 27 Oct 2009. Now look at the photos take on 10/06/2011

That’s over a year and a half and the expensive facility is still half empty on a Friday afternoon at 5.41 pm.

@FXR wrote:

It’s a fact: cyclists in Dublin break every law every second of every day. The show no regard for pedestrians, other road users and endanger themselves.

@gintyc wrote:

No, that’s not a fact.
It’s only a fact that some cyclist break the law, and only some of them have no respect for anybody. Just like some pedestrians and motorists do the same and some have no respect for anybody.

I’m afraid it’s a fact. I’ve tested that statement over and over. I’ve got this recorded and viewable evidence and if anyone can provide similar evidence to contradict it be my guest;

1. Dublin Cyclists Wild Frontier.
Cyclists involved in behaviour to the extent it could be classed as suicidal. This includes cycling into traffic the wrong way on busy one way streets.

2. The Pedestrianised South King Street.
Dublin cyclists on pedestrian streets. In this short slideshow cyclists are breaking the law every 21 seconds.

3. Sean O’Casey Pedestrian Bridge.
Cycle lanes cost up to 1.6 million per kilometre (see Sunday Times article by Ciara Healy 29/05/2011 page 8)
This is the Sean O’Casey bridge: it is surrounded by the best cycle lanes in the city. Cyclists simply ignore the cycle lanes and use the pedestrian bridge.

4. The Millennium Pedestrian Bridge.
The Millennium pedestrian bridge. I counted over 100 mounted cyclists crossing the bridge in 2 hours. Of those a good number turned the wrong way up the Quays while the rest cycled into the narrow Millennium walkway.

That’s not even all I have. There’s more. I didn’t have to set aside any great amount of time or do any detective work or gain little know inside knowledge to find the locations. All I had to do was do what I was doing any way and take photographs along the way.

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