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@gintyc wrote:

FXR — I agree with you that there needs to be better enforcement for cyclists. There’s also a need for better enforcement for motorists and pedestrians too — it’s a general problem with lack of enforcement of our traffic laws. It’s by no means an exclusive problem to cyclists.

It’s not as simple as that gintyc. It’s not enough to say we need more enforcement when an already inadequate number of Gardai are being further reduced. Gardai should be dealing with crime and serious offences. Cycling on Grafton street is bad and even dangerous (where some individual cyclists are concerned) but it’s not in the same league as drug dealing. A Gardai has to issue a summons and go to court to have a cyclists charged with breaking the law. That’s ridiculous.

What the city needs is Bicycle Wardens. Not just a team who operate from 9 to 5 either but at night time as well. In the centre city at night I’ve counted numerous unlit cyclists well after dark. But hold on…..our dullard politicians most likely do anything that they don’t do “over there”.. To listen to some of the themes running through this subject on different websites it sounds like the stupid Irish should just hire the Dutch bicycle experts to show us what to do.

@gintyc wrote:

For example, on “bicycle clutter.” Only a small fraction of cyclists park their bikes in a way which obstructs others — motorists parked or partly parked on the footpath is a far, far, far larger problem in my experiences of pushing a pram around and having a babe in a carrier. Where there is no obstruction, there is no law stopping cyclists from using polls, trees etc to lock their bikes to.

I contacted DCC to get clarification on exactly where it’s allowed to lock a bike and where not. That was about 2 months ago. I expect they’re too busy running the city to get back to me and besides, I’m only a citizen. I asked as many visually impaired people as I could about how they found walking around Dublin city. One even told me he often gets his stick caught in bicycle wheels. Blind people depend on learning streets by memory. Lamp standards are not bicycle stands. Trees are not bicycle stands. Bicycles locked to street furniture hamper effective cleaning by automatic street cleaners and washers. I asked many different members of the street cleaning staff about this over a period of time.

As for parking:

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