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The fact is that the the capital city covers a tiny area of street routes that are heavily used by cyclists yet even these clearly cannot be maintained by DCC. The pothole situation has gone way beyond bumps in the road to major fissures and whole chunks of road missing. In front of every bus stop is major road damage now. And the point is that this tiny area is not watched over by DCC at all, so a major pothole will go totally ignored and unfixed for weeks on end or unless you send 20 emails to DCC to get them to fix it, with maps and directions. They have no clue of the ongoing damage of the roads on a weekly basis in heavily used city center areas.
The badly planned red traffic bumps in front of the likes of Chapters books left whole portions of the road in craters for months. And any calls about it were met with notice that they were currently seeking pitches from sub-contractors for the job. Crazy.

It is also clear there is a huge difference between road repairs carried out by contracted utility companies who generally now lay, flatten and seal new repairs pretty well, and those carried out by DCC, which are generally just mountains of tar piled into holes and left for cyclists to kill themselves on, and which slowly break down and do even more damage. Clearly these DCC crews have zero training in road repair and maintenance. IMO the only way the road surface will be improved is if a private clamping style maintenance company is set up to watch over road repairs and fine either contractors or DCC for shoddy work.

And they need to shift their attitude from one of quick fix to one of ongoing maintenance. You just know the new canal cycle routes will be launched with much fanfare when finished, but from that moment on will just deteriorate due to zero maintenance.

It could not possibly cost that much to have a permanent well trained road maintenance crew for the central city area, all on full time wages as opposed to the current super expensive contract based system where every pothole is a job number and put on a waiting list.

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